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Obedience training to help your dog be the best they can be.

Our Board & Train program focuses on teaching your dog to be a good citizen in your home and in public. In this program, your dog stays at our kennel during the week while working with our experienced trainers. During their stay, we teach your dog reliable obedience on and off leash along with custom behaviors that align with your training goals. Dogs will learn obedience around strangers, other dogs, spilled food, toys, control in urban settings, and any other areas your dog needs practice.

Believet Board and Train
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What to Expect

Throughout the training, we will teach you and your dog how to be successful using balanced methods of reinforcement and find the right blend that is best for your dog’s learning.  Above everything, we want the training to be clear to both you and your dog and build team confidence, not confusion.

Every dog is an individual and learns at their own pace. Normally, your dog stays with us for 4 weeks to 8 weeks of training depending on their age, breed, disposition, and training goals.

What is included:

  • Daily training + activity
  • On and Off-leash obedience
  • Sit (+ stay)
  • Down (+ stay)
  • No pull walking on leash
  • Kennel (go to place + stay)
  • Come when called
  • Leave distractions
  • Appropriate play with other dogs
  • Boarding for each week
  • Bath, nail trim, and ear wash
  • One-on-One training lessons with the owner each week of training.
  • Bring your dog home for weekends (no additional charge for boarding if you can’t take your dog on weekends)

 Cost: $500/week

Things to Know

Aggressive dogs: For the safety of our staff and other dogs in training, Believet Board & Train does not work with dogs who show aggression to other dogs or people.

Training the owner: Owners are required to schedule weekly one-on-one training lessons with their dog’s trainer. We want you to fully understand what your dog has learned and give you the skills to help your dog’s continued success. Our goal is to answer all of your questions and coach you through dog handling skills so that you are fully comfortable handling your dog.

Follow up: We are always available for follow up questions and lessons if you need to brush up training and/or handling skills. When or if something unusual were to happen, we want you to know that we are available to help you find solutions. Sometimes when dog owners change schedules or move to new locations it can affect the behavior of their dog. We are available to give advice and answer any questions you may have.

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Boarding accommodations offer spacious indoor kennels with heated floors for the cold winters and air conditioning for the warm summers. Each of our individual kennels will come with a raised bed and an automatic, endless supply of water. When your dog comes to visit us, they will have outdoor exercise multiple times each day, play time in our fenced yards, and will receive the best individual treatment when you’re away.

Believet welcome

What is included:

  • Safe, no choking hazard chew toys
  • Kuranda bed
  • Fenced yard exercise
  • No charge for medications
  • Bath before going home*

Add on activities and options: $10/each)

  • On lead walks
  • Off lead walk (Board & Train prerequisite)
  • Fetch & toy play
  • Structured play with other dogs (Board & Train prerequisite)
  • Bath, brush out, blow out, nail trim, and ear wash*
  • Pond swim ($30)

What to bring:

  • Dog food in an air-tight container, containing enough food for the entire stay
  • Medications
  • Updated vaccination records in PawPartner prior to your booking

*Baths, nail trims, and ear wash can only be given to dogs who do not pose a safety risk to staff. We will try our best to make the experience as comfortable as possible, though some dogs need professional attention for these services. 

$48/night (two night minimum)

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Let your dog spend a week with us and see what they can learn.

Proud Partner of Believet Canine Service Partners

Believet provides trained service dogs, free of charge to veterans suffering from service-related injuries or disabilities. Since 2015, Believet has trained and placed 50 dogs with veterans.

All profits from Believet Board and Train go directly to support the mission of Believet, “Freedom for Veterans, Dogs with a Mission.”

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